These are all short, analog games that I've written, illustrated, and designed myself. Many are first drafts, and might be a bit rough around the edges. I'd love to hear from you with feedback if you play one!  


A dream sequence generation game, designed as a "minigame" to be played between sessions of a longer tabletop RPG campaign (like Dungeons and Dragons, Pathfinder, etc.) You can also play finished sequences on your own, using an original character from a story or freeform roleplaying game. Find the full game, and an example sequence available for download right here.

I'm on Youtube! Check out my channel for art process videos and tutorials.

More stuff coming soon! Please check back :)

Good Night Fairy Theatre

A short, competitive role-playing game designed for kids and grown-ups to play together. Find the full game available for download right here.  

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